Hell yha, Dragonscales FTW!

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Hell yha, Dragonscales FTW! Empty Hell yha, Dragonscales FTW!

Post  dsfargeg on Thu Apr 07, 2011 2:22 pm

i just wanted to say its pretty nice seeing how strong we are all getting. i mean a huge leap from where we where just a month ago, and the month before that. we have so many people and geared, experienced people at that, as well as finally starting to have a full class list and things are looking ready for our next step.

a little more work and we will be able to raid / kill anything we want to just about all day long anytime we want to. and god forbid we get to that point haha, then things really take off, as far as growing in strength and having fun / keeping busy.

and i have to imagine we are getting very close to having these guys release all of their work that they have been working on for the server. its going to be awesome. more things to do and work for/get. which is part of why i took a lil afk this week, just got bored because i ran out of things to do/get on my character while waiting for people to catch up Razz which mighta been why another person or 2 was afk some, or they where just busy so.....

i cant wait Razz

Hell yha, Dragonscales FTW! Juz710

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