So you would like to join Dragon Scales?

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So you would like to join Dragon Scales?

Post  Rondaos on Tue Apr 05, 2011 4:21 pm

Dragon Scales is Currently Recruiting, Although some classes may be listed as closed, exceptions will be made for exceptionally skilled and geared players of any class.

**Vent Is Required, as is an account on the guild website if you would like to Raid with Us.**

Click "Full Reading" for Class Needs and Requirements

*** NOTICE: If you are interested in Joining Dragon Scales, but do not meet the current minimum Requirements, send an officer a tell and we will be happy to try to help you meet the Requirements.***

Class Requirements:

Closed Classes:
Level: 75
Flags: Dranik
Must have 2.5 and 6 of 8 Visible Pieces of Nest Gear

Low Necessity
Level 75
Flags: The Nest
Must have 2.0 and Full Dreadspire Gear

Moderate Necessity
Level 75
Flags: Dreadspire
Must have 2.0 & Dreadspire Flag

High Necessity
Level 75
Flags: Everything for DS flag except
Must have 2.0

Very High Necessity (Please Note, We need 1 Main to raid Regularly for Each of these)
Level 75
Flags: Sol Ro

Bard: High
Beastlord: Closed
Berserker: Moderate
Cleric: Very High
Druid: Low
Enchanter: Very High
Magician: Closed
Monk: Low
Necromancer: Moderate
Paladin: Low
Ranger: Moderate
Rogue: Moderate
Shadowknight: Low
Shaman: Very High
Warrior: Low
Wizard: High

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