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MacroQuest2 - What can it do for you? Empty MacroQuest2 - What can it do for you?

Post  Bloodred on Fri Mar 18, 2011 12:18 am

----Edited Apr 25 2011----
This Post will attempt to explain the very basics of MacroQuest2 (AKA MQ2, MQ2emu, etc) even to those who have never heard of it before. I will attempt to cover the basics of what it is, what it does and how it can benefit you.

[Prerequisite] Before we begin, do you even have what it takes to install/use MQ2?
A) Do you have Intermediate knowledge of EQ, EQ Commands and editing .ini files within the everquest Folder?
B) Do you have LOTS of Patience? things won't work right off hand so prepare for mess-ups.
C) Do you have a basic understand of Code/Coding and understand the basics of what to do to Edit Code?

If you answered yes, then proceed.

Step 1
To use MacroQuest2, you first have to download it.
-=( )=-

I recommend Stormhaven version of MQemu. While you can choose other versions from this dropdown Menu, from here on out, I'll refer to this package and its enclosed contents. If you choose another version, you're own your own if you run into problems.

Step 2
Extract it using Win-Rar/Win-Zip into your Sony Directory or what I did and directly onto your C:\MQ2 drive and directory. If you don't have Win-Rar, get it.. If you don't know what Win-Rar even is.. stop right now as everything else below will be waaaaay too confusing for you.

Step 3
Know what to expect: Before you go clicking on exe's and things that look normal, you should know that Macroquest by itself does nothing and appears to do nothing when you click it. Everything is done through HOTKEYS, Commands and Eventually Macros within EQ. The first thing you should do is click on "EQBCServer.exe" This will bring up a "Command Prompt" window.
Ignore it from this point forward as this is your emulated server that you will eventually be issuing commands too.
The TL:DR Version is, Don't worry about it, the technical aspects don't or shouldn't concern you.

Step 4
Open Launch MacroQuest2.exe. Yup, it does absolutely nothing. You may see a "MQ2" icon down in your taskbar and if you're running Windows 7/Vista, it will be "Hidden". Again, Nothing has happened yet for you to expect much.

Step 5
Launch your EQEmu client. After you log into whatever server and get to the Character Select screen, you should see a new EQ Window titled "MQ2" or something similar. This means everything is A-OK for now. Continue Logging into Stormhaven.

Step 6
From the new MQ2 window or even a chat window type this command
/bccmd connect
Note* if you're having problems connecting, see the following link about half/way down

Step 7
Now that you're connected to the dummy emulated server, lets see if things are setup to start doing commands. Log in some additional characters and type the /bccmd connect command from above on EACH of your toons you wish to box. You only need to do this one time for each character you log in or use, after this, MQ2 will remember each toon that logs in and automagically connect them to the dummy server each time you play with MQ2.

Step 8
type [/bcaa //say Hi all.] (no brackets) and each of your toons logged in will simultaneously say "Hi all." If this is successful, Congrats... MQ2 is officially working.


Now that MQ2 is working for the most part, lets teach you some basic commands.
You don't have to 2Box or play multiple characters to take advantage of some of the features within MQ2 (Although its easy to see how it can be easier).
Even if you're a single player, you can take advantage of some of the cool things MQ2 can do. Example, how would you like to be able to press a Hotkey to SelfBuff any spell gem, click any armor/item you got equipped and even buff from items that are currently in a bag? Sound interesting? how about being able to attack as a melee character and have your character auto kick/bash/backstab/cast stun spells/use frenzy all at the moment it refreshes... and you don't have to do a thing?
Or How about, if you gain too much agro, it will auto back off or feign death/evade/cast a memory blur spell? MQ2 Melee plugin even auto-attacks-off during a mobs Enrage and auto-attacks-back-on after it finishes.
Even works for Casters as well, how about pressing a hotkey to autocast a single series of spells or even a series of spell(s) while sending your pet in. The pet can be programmed to engage a mob after a timed delay, or even back off after a certain percentage and even enrage.
Its possible with MQ2,

So lets discuss basic commands for controlling 2 or more characters. To keep things simple, there are 3 basic commands to start any EQ HOTKEY you make. Individual command to a specific toon, Bot command for issuing orders like Follow(AKA Stick) or attacking, or lastly... issuing a command for the group AND yourself.

When making a Hotkey that works for your boxed characters in MQ2, type these phrases at the start of your string.

/bca  - This will send commands to all of your bots (excluding yourself)
/bcaa  - This will send commands to all of your bots AND yourself
/bct  - This will send commands to a specific toon hand have only it do something.

Examples of the /bca use:
/bca //target id ${Me.ID}  (All of your Bots/Boxed characters will target your Main toon you sent this command from)
/bca //stick id ${Me.ID}  (All of your Bots/Boxed characters will Follow this Main toon)

Example of the /bcaa use:
/bcaa //killthis  (because you have the MQ2Melee plugin, this will automatically send yourself and ALL of your toons bum-rushing in to the mob you have targeted.  Use with Discretion at first, its designed to Attack until the mob dies.. or you do.)  I will discuss /melee commands and general editing of how /killthis works later on.  for now, type [b]/melee help[/b] in game to see a list of commands your character can use.

Examples of the /bct use:
/bct Applered //casting "Word of Vivification" gem2 -maxtries|3 -targetid|${NearestSpawn[pc Applered].ID} 
(This will send a message to Applered (the cleric) to cast a Group Heal "Word of Vivification" from Gem slot 2 for a maximum of 3 times (in case of fizzles) while targeting herself so anything in her vicinity will get healed.  Replace "Applered" with the name of your cleric to get this to work perfectly on your cleric
/bct Applered //casting "Ancient: Hallowed Light" gem3 -maxtries|3 -targetid|${Spawn[PC =Bloodred].ID} (Same as above only Applered the cleric will target another toon, in this case, Bloodred and heal her.

Its IMPORTANT TO NOTE! If you're casting a spell like in the string written above, the Spell name must be written EXACTLY as in the game.  For example, if I wrote "Ancient Hallowed Light", the spell wouldn't cast.  If you find yourself wondering why something you copied from my string doesn't work, check the spelling of the Spell/item name first.

HOTKEY EDITING... -OUTDATED as of 04-22-11-
Found a better way to issue commands.

I have listed a few ways to edit some EQ hotkeys, but for now, I'll talk briefly about basic hotkeys.

This Hotkey is for my Warrior.. Turning off Taunting/Agro commands
HOTKEY Titled=OffTank
Line1=/melee taunt=off
Line2=/melee throwstone=0
Line3=/melee aggro=off
Line4=/gsay This Warrior is no longer the Maintank
*Note: Line 4 is not needed, I just like to have a visual message that shows me what I clicked*

This is for turning all of the above back on
HOTKEY Titled=MainTank
Line1=/melee taunt=on
Line2=/melee throwstone=50
Line3=/melee aggro=on
Line4=/gsay Bloodred is now the MainTank

This is for getting your group to Auto Follow (AKA Stick) to you. This command works better than EQ's version of /follow.  This will have all my toons target me and then follow. Notice the /bca command for everyone but the main toon following this order.
HOTKEY Name=Stick
Line1=/bca //target XXXXXXXX (Replace X's with Main's name)
Line2=/bca //stick id ${Me.ID}

Turning stick off
HOTKEY Name=StickOff
Line1=/bca //stick off

Stormhaven Magelo Character Finder for your characters inventory and naming a item or piece of armor that you want to make sure you get 100% correct.

Additional helpful link: MQ2 Emulator, look for Sorvani's post on Item-Inventory placement This one is great if you're attempting to make Hotkeys that help you self buff or being able to click from a specific inventory slot.

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MacroQuest2 - What can it do for you? Empty Re: MacroQuest2 - What can it do for you?

Post  Karathas on Sat Mar 19, 2011 8:37 pm



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MacroQuest2 - What can it do for you? Empty Re: MacroQuest2 - What can it do for you?

Post  Bloodred on Mon Apr 25, 2011 9:36 pm

Creating your first BUFF Macro.

For testing reasons, you won't need to edit much of anything here. This post is just to show you the process of how to locate, create, save, and eventually execute the macro in 6 easy steps.

The Editing and fine tuning will come later.

Open up your MacroQuest Directory. If you followed my instructions above, it should be in the C:\MQ2 directory.
Locate the Folder called "Macros". If no folder is found, Create a new one and title is "Macros" exactly like this without the quotes.

Within the Macros folder, create a new TEXT Document under Notepad. Open it up and paste the following CODE below from Top to Bottom.

| Save this file as "testbuff.mac"
Sub Main
    /say I'm a Gnome! Weeeee

    /casting "Stone of Gnoming" Pack8
    |This will cast a Gnome Illusion so long as you have the Stone of Gnoming in your pack some place
    /delay 1s


Sidenote: For your first attempt, copy and Paste everything in this Code box and worry about changing things later. This is only a test afterall, go with what works.

Now go to File: SAVE AS (Not Save) and rename this text file "testbuff.mac".
Note: Make sure you DO NOT save it as a ".txt file", but "Save as type:" ALL and make sure you're still in the \Macros folder of the MQ2 directory. Now its a Macro! Congrats =D

Open up MQ2 like you did in my first post above and Log into Stormhaven's EQEmulated server. As this particular Macro is designed for the Stormhaven's Stone of Gnoming clicky (the one from Crushbone) it probably won't do much but make you /say and /dance if you don't have it.

Now for the Official Test!
Once you're logged in, type
/mac testbuff.mac
Your character should say "I'm a Gnome! Weeeee", then attempt to find your Stone of Gnoming illusion clicky within any of your backpacks, place it slot 8 and Click the illusion. He/She's will turn into a Gnome then will wait 1 second and do the /Dance command embeded within EQ's emotes.

Now lets Create a Hotkey and title it whatever you want. To keep it simple, title it TestBuff
Now type in Line1: /mac testbuff.mac

Now hit that Hotkey to Execute this macro back to back. =) Gnoming fun... isn't it great!

The next Post will be a little more complex as it will go in depth of editing an existing Macro.

ARGH It Doesn't work!
*If nothing happened, did you save the macro as "testbuff.mac"? No
*Does it show up as a .mac.txt file or a .mac file? Suspect
*Is this testbuff.mac Macro in your \MQ2\Macros\ directory? Sleep

Ok, my character did the Say and the Dance but didn't turn into a Gnome
*Do you even have the Stone of Gnoming? geek
*Is the SoG'ing item in your packs somewhere and not in your bank? scratch
*Ohh wait, I'm already a Gnome and I can't turn into a Gnome.. albino


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MacroQuest2 - What can it do for you? Empty Re: MacroQuest2 - What can it do for you?

Post  readboat on Wed May 15, 2013 12:25 am

i see this is for emu, but is there a good macroquest2 for everquest live? say they have macroquest for download, dont wanna pay if i can get it for free though.


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MacroQuest2 - What can it do for you? Empty Re: MacroQuest2 - What can it do for you?

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